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  1. Alison Brooks Architects :: Tribeca 2008.08.18

Alison Brooks Architects :: Tribeca

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Alison Brooks Architects
have designed three buildings for the Tribeca development on Great George Street in Liverpool, UK.

Urban Splash / Architects’ Journal Competition
For: young architects
Budget: £500,000
Design: Infobox building, Tribeca development, Liverpool
Launched: Feb 2008
Client: Urban Splash, Liverpool Dept.
Masterplan: Shed KM Architects, Liverpool
Administration: Gerrard O’Donnell Ltd, Widnes
SE: Joule Consulting Engineers, Manchester
M&E: Progressive Services Design Ltd, Wirrel


[출처] 트라이베카 / 알리슨 브룩스 아키텍츠|작성자 아카시아


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