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  1. Knafo Kimor :: Agro-Housing 2008.05.25

Knafo Kimor :: Agro-Housing

from arTherapy/architecture 2008.05.25 18:30 by 빨간퓨마

AGRO-HOUSING toward a more sustainable society.
 :: Winners of the 2nd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing.

Conceptual Approach
According to a UN report, in 2010 about 50% of the Chinese population will reside in cities. This huge migration from rural regions to new urban megalopolises will create a dramatic cultural and social crisis, a loss of existing traditions and considerable unemployment. Massive urbanization will form random communities, severely deplete natural resources, exhaust urban infrastructures and transportation systems, and will increase air and soil pollution.
The concept of Agro-Housing is a new urban and social vision that will address problems of chaotic urbanization by creating a new order in the city and more specifically, in the housing environment.
Agro-Housing is a program that combines a high-rise apartment complex with a vertical greenhouse within the same building.
The idea behind Agro-Housing is to create a close to home space where families can produce their own food supply according to their abilities and choices. This will allow the citizens more independence, freedom, and additional income.


[출처] http://www.knafoklimor.co.il/living-steel/index.html


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