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  1. OMA :: Almaty Science Campus (1) 2008.05.16
  2. OMA :: Bryghusgrunden Project (2) 2008.05.04

OMA :: Almaty Science Campus

from arTherapy/architecture 2008.05.16 23:04 by 빨간퓨마

The ‘Naukograd’ technopolis will be home to a new campus for the Kazakh British Technical University, a new engineering headquarters for KING, a residential community, and a public zone with shops and entertainment serving these facilities and attracting visitors. Located in an area of exceptional natural beauty, its isolated location presents the challenge of creating a masterplan that both takes advantage of its scenic surroundings and at the same time is able to overcome its remoteness.


[출처] http://www.oma.eu/index.php?option=com_projects&view=portal&id=448&Itemid=10


OMA :: Bryghusgrunden Project

from arTherapy/architecture 2008.05.04 19:55 by 빨간퓨마



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